My Neighbor Totoro Steadily Through the Field Artcrystal 300-Piece Puzzle

UPC: 4970381512378

Brand: Ensky

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Join Totoro and his friends for a walk through the tall grass with this 300-piece Artcrystal jigsaw puzzle! When completed, you can frame it or take it apart to re-do over and over again.

Ensky Artcrystal Puzzles are beautiful translucent crystal jigsaw puzzles. Each unique design lets the lights in just like stained glass and will look perfect by your window side. Gluing is not required as they are made of special material!

Product Features

  • 10.24 x 15 inches (26cm x 38cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on the My Neighbor Totoro animated film
  • 300 Pieces
  • Translucent sturdy puzzle that creates the stained glass look once completed