Sailor Moon Mega Cat Project Sailor Mewn Vol.2 Blind Box

UPC: 4535123833335

Brand: MegaHouse

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Enjoy your favorite Sailor Moon characters as cats with the next Mega Cat Project line of figures! Each figure features the iconic outfits from Sailor Moon being worn by cute cats. This version includes a special bonus cardboard box for the cats to pose in!

Product Features

  • 1.18 inches (3cm)
  • Made of PVC
  • Based on the Sailor Moon anime series
  • Sailor Moon style cat figures


  • Sailor Moon cat figure
  • Sailor Chibi Moon cat figure
  • Sailor Neptune cat figure
  • Sailor Uranus cat figure
  • Sailor Pluto cat figure
  • Sailor Saturn cat figure
  • Bonus box gift

Please note each box is blind and you will receive one random character with each purchase