Macross Frontier Proplica Ranka Lee's Microphone Replica

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Brand: Bandai

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The Proplica Macross Frontier Microphone series turns your tabletop into a virtual convert venue with Ranka Lee's Microphone prop replica!

Rendered in faithful life-sized 1/1 scale detail, it features accurate sculpting, coloring, and distinctive ribbon decoration. The power switch and others serve to trigger dialogue, music, instrumentals, and infrared communications modes.

Three of her solo songs are built-in, and by triggering infrared communications mode, you can activate two instrumentals for singing duets. The dialogue mode plays back some of Ranka's famous lines, which you can enjoy on their own or during songs.

Combine the duet mode with the Proplica Sheryl Nome's Microphone (sold separately) to play Sheryl and Ranka's lines through the microphone and immerse yourself in a virtual live concert experience!

Plus, you can even use the instrumental mode to jump in with your own lyrics whenever you want to take over either of their parts.

This product does not have a voice amplification function. This product contains a jack that allows it to be connected to an external speaker device. Other microphone sold separately.

Product Features

  • 8.7 inches (22.1cm)
  • 1/1 Scale
  • Based on the Macross Frontier anime series
  • Part of the Proplica line
  • Accurate sculpting, coloring, and its distinctive ribbon seen in the show
  • Switches trigger dialogue, music, instrumentals, and infrared communication modes
  • Combine the duet mode with the separately-sold Sheryl Nome's Microphone Proplica to play Sheryl and Ranka's lines through the microphone!
  • Requries 2 AAA batteries (sold separately)