About Us

Are we geeks? Are we nerds? Are we gamers? Are we cosplayers?  Does it matter?  Are we having fun? 

I would like to take this moment to introduce Eclipse Pop to you.  We are a small business run by a couple of people and one black cat. 

We like to think of Eclipse Pop as a sort of pop culture clearing house.  We hope with the help of fans to curate a selection of collectibles and accessories so that you can “Find what YOU want!”

Meet the Founders

Dezi - As the only full time employee Dezi is very dedicated to the business.  Dezi finds the business very fulfilling.  The almost daily the the business supplies new challenges and surprises for Dezi to master and she does so with gusto!

Jeremiah - Working part time for Eclipse Pop he was unwittingly dragged into the world of pop culture and the business.  Before he knew it he was in over his head and rather than drown... he learned to swim.  True he still have to divide his time between Eclipse Pop and his "real" job but he would much rather work at Eclipse Pop cause it is more fun!

Nicole - Grew up on video games, Sailor Moon and Dragonball.  Discovered anime and comic conventions in college... Never looked back.  Eclipse Pop is part of Nicole's ever evolving dream of a pop culture empire (I kid you not).  One might say it is only the tip of the iceberg and the best is yet to come.  She may only work for Eclipse Pop part time but she invests her whole self in it.  Who knows what will be next!

We welcome feedback!  In fact we thrive on it.  Are there brands you want us to carry?  Different shows, characters or movies you want us to feature?  We want to make you happy so please email or even call if you have any comments, suggestions, kind words, recommendations or good jokes (Because Dezi's jokes suck!)